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Relieve Medical Supply can help you breathe better.  We offer a full range of products to help manage your sleep apnea, asthma or COPD.

Our staff is trained in fitting patients with CPAP masks and helping you find a mask that you will be comfortable with.

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Coverage Criteria

A CPAP or related device is covered if the following criteria are met:

  1. You have had a face-to-face clinical evaluation by the treating physician prior to the sleep test to assess you for obstructive sleep apnea.
  2. You have had a qualifying sleep test.
  3. You and/or a caregiver have received instruction from the supplier of the device in the proper use and care of the equipment.

For continued coverage after the initial three months (After the 31st day but before the 90th day) of therapy you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Face-to-face clinical re-evaluation by the treating physician with documentation that symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea are improved; AND
  2. Objective evidence of adherence to use of the PAP device, reviewed by the treating physician.  Adherence to therapy is defined as use of PAP =4 hours per night on 70% of nights during a consecutive thirty (30) day period anytime during the first three (3) months of initial usage.

If the above criteria are not met, continued coverage of a PAP device and related accessories will be denied as not reasonable and necessary.

Documentation Requirements

  1. Detailed Written Order from your treating physician
  2. Copy of your sleep study
  3. Detailed medical records documenting your condition and treatment plan. (These records may include your history and physical exam notes, and clinical face-to-face exam notes)
  4. Documentation of your continued compliance and improvement from the prescribed therapy

Disposable / Replacement Supplies

Medicare and most insurance plans allow for replacement of your CPAP supplies on a regular basis.  The following table represents Medicare's usual replacement schedule.  Your insurance plan may differ.

Combination Oral/Nasal Mask 1 per 3 months
Replacement Oral Cushion 2 per 1 month
Replacement Nasal Pillows for Comb. Mask 2 per 1 month
Full Face Mask 1 per 3 months
Replacement Full Face Cushion 1 per 1 month
Replacement Nasal Cushion 2 per 1 month
Replacement Nasal Pillow 2 per 1 month
Nasal Mask 1 per 3 months
Headgear 1 per 6 months
Chinstrap 1 per 6 months
Tubing 1 per 3 months
Disposable Filter 2 per 1 month
Non-Disposable Filter 1 per 6 months
Humidifier Water Chamber 1 per 6 months

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A Nebulizer is covered if your doctor has prescribed certain drugs to be administered via a nebulizer.  If the prescribed drug is not covered by Medicare, the Nebulizer will be considered non-covered.

Medicare requires that Nebulizers be billed through a 13 month capped rental process (See Faq). Other payors may allow for immediate purchase of the Nebulizer.

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Q: I have a prescription for a Nebulizer. Where can I get the medication?

A: You can obtain your medication to be used in the nebulizer from any licensed pharmacy. As Relieve Medical Supply does not have a pharmacy license, we are not able to dispense any medications.

Q: I need replacement parts for my Nebulizer. Can you order them?

A: In most cases, yes. We will need to know the manufacturer and the model number of your machine. If your machine has a serial number, please provide that information as well. We can then order the appropriate parts you need.

Q: My nebulizer mask needs to be replaced. Why do I need to have a prescription?

A: Any item that is used to administer or contain medications is restricted by the FDA. We will need a valid prescription from your physician before we can sell the item to you.

Q: Can you order replacement parts for my CPAP machine or mask?

A: In most cases. We work directly with ResMed and Respironics. If you provide us the serial number of your CPAP machine, we can order the replacement parts.

Q: Do I need a prescription to buy replacement parts?

A: Most often you do not need a prescription to purchase replacement parts. Some replacement parts do require a prescription, such as nebulizer masks, tubing and medicine cup

Q: Can you bill my insurance for replacement parts?

A: In most cases, we can bill your insurance plan for replacement parts. We will need to have a valid prescription from your physician in order to submit the claim.

Q: Can you repair my CPAP machine?

A: We are able to send your machine to the manufacturer for an evaluation. Once we receive the information from the manufacturer, we will contact you for authorization to have the factory repair your item and return it to us.



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